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How to make a DIY Zen Garden

I love the feel and sight of plants around my home.  It’s cozy and warm all at the same time.  But here in the metro, space is such a luxurious ambition.  And so we try to maximize our space and give it a green touch as much as we can.  For a while, our pocket garden just sat flat after trying out a number of grass that didn’t last.  There’s very minimal amount of sunlight coming through since houses are side by side.  The quality of our soil is not that good either.  Me and my husband are still finding a good source but until then, I need to find a way to somehow make this pocket garden work. Then suddenly after a few imagination, my passion for creativity strikes again.

Yes! A zen garden might be perfect.  Here’s what I did to give our pocket garden a little zing.

Finding the right tool for a stool.

At first I wanted to use big round chopped woods and use it as a stool for my plants, but then it wasn’t easily available plus I have to consider the treatments needed and more.   Large rocks were another option but with its naturally heavy weight, moving it to the house will be another challenge.  Recycling after all is a great idea.  So I used distilled water containers for this project. Better tear off the labels to showcase your container.


Fill it up. The heavier the better.

Since these containers are light weight, it can easily get deformed and won’t hold the plants for long.  I need to fill it up to give it some weight and form.  Rocks are my best option. Good thing I already have these and they are sturdy. Rocks with colors can be an X-factor that will give it a little ooomph! Now not all rocks are of the same shapes and sizes.  This means not all of them will fit the lid opening.  Oh no!!!


So I have to open it up and put a slit at the side so I can fit in the others.




Dig a little bit – heads down!

Next step is to dig a hole for each of the plant stools.  I wanted to give it some layering effect so the depth for each differs. After digging a hole for each, I placed the containers with their heads down and made adjustments according to my preference of height. Easy-does-it!



The crowning glory.

Then of course, the center piece – the plants! I need to find plants that will survive the low light and these ferns are what I have so far.


The more variety of plants you use, the better the layering effect.  I still have to transfer them to pots though as I bought them initially as hanging plants. But for now, I’ll just let them hang in there. 🙂

The finishing touches.

The whole zen story ends with these white rocks carefully placed around the plants in circles. These circling stone formations are like islands in the sea.  It gives the whole setup a semblance of tranquility. Don’t you think?


For me, this whole DIY zen garden project evokes simplicity and peace.  Just what I need to see everyday.  Hope you did find a little inspiration from this.  Looking forward to share more of my DIY garden projects next time.

Continue to stir creativity and you’ll spark a new passion.

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