When we think of mompreneurship, we remember the countless stories of mothers who have successfully built their businesses while raising a family. What we don’t know were the toughest decisions they had to make at one point of their lives. Allow me to share mine which came a bit early.

It’s been an exciting year for me. My two online startup businesses are making their way to the limelight. They’re both getting more engagement and I could say a good amount of sales. I’m  starting to get speaking invites and opportunities for TV guesting to promote my businesses and a whole lot of network is opening up. It’s overwhelming.

As breathtaking and promising as it is, I have to step back and re assess what am capable of doing at the moment.

Reality check: I am still in the startup phase so business system wise, honestly it is a big mess. Am doing most, if not all, of the work and I just get help from time to time. I am still planning all the resources that I need so I don’t have to do everything myself. I am a mother with a 2 year old daughter who needs my utmost attention and hands-on care even with a nanny to help. Handling both is extremely demanding.

It’s not everything nice. There were a lot of tiring days and lesser sleep. It’s taking much of my time away from our kid. This is a concern for me and my husband. It’s something I have to deal with as we both wanted to be more present and available, or at least one of us, to our daughter especially in her growing up years. But at the same time, I wanted to pursue my passion for business which my husband, thankfully, is supportive of.

I decided to push back other opportunities for the next year to make my businesses ready, including myself.  I held back on some of my more aggressive plans and worked on a manageable one. I limit bookings on my wedding favor business, so I can manage the daily hustle in the retail venture and still have enough time for my daughter. I also have to plan on how to setup a business system that is more doable for a mompreneur like me. Everything is slowly falling into place.

Then a wonderful surprise came.

We have received our holiday gift early – the blessing of another child. We didn’t want to expect but we hoped for it to happen. It was truly an amazing gift. As great as it was, I had to make some adjustments on some of my laid out plans. My pregnant energy may not be enough source to get everything done.

The business continued its course until I experienced the first trimester storm. I had threatened abortion and was advised for bed rest. Pregnancy was getting tougher. I couldn’t eat much, get strained easily and was losing more weight. I was sick like a dog.

The toughest decision any mompreneur could make has dawned on me – choosing between business and motherhood. Something’s gotta give at a situation like this.

I couldn’t jeopardize the business reputation with undelivered commitments due to my unpredictable circumstance nor could I put my child and mine’s well-being at stake. It’s difficult to give up on something you’ve been working hard on and starting to flourish as you hoped for. But I have to do it for a more precious and amazing venture of all.

Even with good fortune knocking right at my door, I had to say no and stop operations. It was heartbreaking but it was also a decision I couldn’t dare regret.

Family and motherhood always comes first.

Now may not be a feasible time to continue with the business ventures that I started but it doesn’t mean I have completely given up on entrepreneurship. I just have to re assess its better timing or find a more suitable one.

For now, I take each day to enjoy my motherhood journey, share some inspiration and let things go as they will for me.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What was the toughest decision of mompreneurship you have experienced? Looking forward to hear your story. Please leave a comment.

Hope you continue to join me in this mama journey and let’s inspire universes.

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