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Mom Life

Tips and DIY resources to help moms create a healthy lifestyle for her family through gentle parenting, natural living and zen habits.

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Mom Recipe

Simple DIY natural recipes every mom can make that her family will love.

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Mom Travel

Travel hacks and DIY guides for natural moms with kids.

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Creative guides and business tips to help new and aspiring mompreneurs.

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Mom Quote

Find quotes to inspire and motivate for healthier and happier days.

Dear Mama,

I’m a stay at home mom with two lovely kids. As a mother, I have my own version of challenges.
In this blog, you’ll find stories that resonate, advocacies that matter and way around in simply dealing with everyday. After all, our life is a multiple of dimensions and we can’t handle one without dealing with the rest.
My friends would fondly tease me as a late bloomer. When I settled down and joined the motherhood bandwagon, most of them already have grown up kids! Well because I was already in my late 30’s then.
My interest in a natural lifestyle also came along with age and after a series of events. Being single and living independently away from my parents, am used to eating in fastfood chains and take out boxes.
Until my mom passed away at the age of 56.
This made me rethink how I’ve been living my life. Together with my boyfriend then, (now my husband, Uly) I started to change my eating habits, bit by bit.
When we finally decided to settle down and wanted to have kids soonest, I needed to be healthier. Most doctors would say that I’ll be in a kinda high risk pregancy so I don’t wanna take my body for granted.
It all started with simple eating of fruits and vegetables more often, increase in water intake and healthier walks at the park.  I think it all paid off when I gave birth (naturally) to a healthy baby girl.
My interest in natural remedies came when we discovered that my daughter had a bad case of allergy with insect bites. After all the antibiotics and steroids every so often, I started to take matters into my own hand. I made my personal researches for natural options to address it.
And with all the family needs that I have to take care of, I also have my own businesses to handle. Through this blog, I wish to share a little inspiration to enterprising moms who wish to find their passion, get encouragement, and move past their fears and self-doubts to have a brave start in business.
When I learned that failures and risks are not the real monsters I should be afraid of, starting a business has become a breeze. I discovered not only my passion but the true wealth from my business experiences.
I see inspiration as a medium to take us where we want our life to be. It may be a roller coaster ride with its highs and lows, ups and downs. And yet, we continue to take the ride.
May you always find a reason to end your day with a smile.
To your inspiration,

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