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Fill your days with positivity.

Feel happier and energized. Live life!

Positive Thoughts


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Motivation is like water to plants.  To us, it’s chicken soup for the soul. Motivation can come in many forms.  Sometimes it can be just a simple quote.  Quotes are made up of words.  And these words, can or may change your attitude, your thinking or your life.

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You are enough. You are worthy to be a mother, a wife, a sister, or a daughter. . You can’t do everything perfectly and you can’t do it all. But still, you are enough.
Motivation_self-worth_we are all born survivors
Remember that you first survived your mother’s womb. . Yes, we are all born survivors. . So the next time you think you can’t make it, or life is too difficult for you, or you can’t experience another pain… . Think again. You will always make it. Why? Because you’re born that way.
I believe we have all have our own designated path. You are meant to take on your own unique journey to discover yourself, the world and the true meaning of your life. . While you find similar paths with others and at times find yourself comparing, hold back. . For every stop in your journey, delays there may be or at times early, it is meant to be. . Go ahead and be brave. Take on your journey for it’s made just for you.
Trust yourself. Never underestimate it. Believe and you will achieve.
Motivation_self-worth_you have what it takes
Believe in yourself. Recognize that you have everything it takes to be what you want to be. Everything you do and every decision you make is self directed. You are the boss. . Sometimes you feel inadequate, not having an MBA or the background you think is necessary to start a business. Believe me, you’ll feel the same way even if you do. Self doubt is a phase we go thru whenever we are to embark on a new journey, an unfamiliar path or an unknown course.  All you need is to commit to your passion and not get hung up with all the stuff you don’t know (or use it as an excuse). Focus instead with what you do know. You’ll be surprised. You know more than you think. . Be patient. You got this! You’ve been a baby once. You crawled before you walked . You can do it again.


Motivation_self-worth_Be your best choice
When you feel you’re not at your best. . When you feel you don’t know much. . When you feel you lack the charisma. . When you feel you don’t have the confidence. . When you feel you don’t belong. . When you feel insecure, inadequate or inferior… . Choose to be better, choose to be bolder, choose to know enough and be enough – ’cause you truly are. . Afterall, there’s no one who’s always gonna be there but yourself. So, be your best choice.

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