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A Must Beach Checklist for Moms

My Kids in Beach 7 Key Items Checklist have been a handy reminder in any of our family beach vacation.

There’s nothing like Vitamin Sea! Going to the beach with our kids every once in a while is our favorite family trip. And we just had one recently! I’m going to share with you what’s on my kids in beach checklist that surely makes the trip worry-free.  For our family…

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It may be a few hours away from Metro Manila but it’s always worth the trip.  Getting our kids in beach is a healthy breather from the highly populated and polluted urban life.  If you’re traveling with an infant and a toddler just like me, there are 7 things you must bring.

One of our favorite beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas is the Palm Beach Resort.

It has an efficient system that checking in and out is a breeze.  The room smells and looks refreshingly clean. Having allergic rhinitis makes my nose very sensitive to dust and all other scents.  We’ve been to almost all resorts in Laiya and this is the only one that me and my husband finds the room smelling clean.

Another important factor that we consider when going on vacation is the food being served.

Palm Beach offers buffet breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner as part of the package. There’s no need to bring food as you will be full all day, I promise you. In our recent visit though, they seem to be having some change management in the restaurant.  We just hope that food will continue to be served as great and in good variety.

If you do have food preferences like vegan or non-pork/meat diet, it’s best to inform them in advance when you book.  They seem to be sensitive and considerate.  They have provided us a different viand in exchange for a viand we can’t eat. It was a sweet surprise.

While free overflowing drinking water in dispenser is offered at the dining pavilion and in every villa, I still suggest that you bring —


1. Distilled Water for your kids

Whatever it is that you currently use, it is best that you bring the same to ensure that they take in water that they are accustomed to.

We’re particular to water as kids can be very sensitive and may have reaction to different types of water.

In the same manner, if you can keep them from drinking water when swimming from the beach or pool can help you avoid possible upset stomach later on.  The beach seems to be cleaner in this resort as it is one of the farthest resorts in Laiya.

My daughter was once rushed to the hospital when we went to one of the other resorts due to vomiting and Diarrhea after our vacation.  The only possible trigger as per pedia’s advice is ingestion of water from the beach or pool.

Most other resorts are next to each other which may be the cause of contaminated water.  Children especially infants and toddlers can get sick easily which brings me to my next must item to bring —


2. Medicines

We usually bring kids’ medicines for fever and allergy whenever we go to the beach or in any vacation. Just in case anything unlikely occurs, they do have ready medicines to take as pharmacy is a bit far and even if the resort have first aid support, children’s medicine may be unavailable.

We do have our own first aid kit too. Adults can get sick as well. Remember, there’s a lot of running that can be happening that we might trip or scratch ourselves. Headaches and muscle pains can be a fun-block too. It’s best to be ready.

Still talking about children’s sensitivity, you must consider proper care of the utensils and milk bottles even when on vacation. Since we always bring a car with us, so here’s another must have —


3. Sterilizer

Yes. As bulky as it may be, we still bring it anyway.  While hot and cold water is available, nothing keeps our peace of mind than having their bottles sterilized.

After all, we can get busy swimming, so simply putting cleaned bottles on a sterilizer can make our lives a bit easier, wouldn’t you agree?

And when it comes to swimming, children have the tendency to enjoy it too much that they wouldn’t want to leave! So here’s my other must bring item —


4. Argan Oil

Surprised? Me too! I discovered it as a great way to keep your skin from feeling prickly and sunburned. While sunblock is a usual item we already put to protect our skin this is my must add on.  Argan oil helps moisturize and soothe your skin-deeply as it penetrates through your skin.  It is best used after swimming. I apply it on the face and body.

Sunblock or sunscreen have a Sun Protection Factor we all know as SPF, which simply means how long it can protect our skin.  So if your sunblock has an SPF of 30 it means it can protect your skin for only 30 minutes and you need to reapply after. Suggested SPF on sunblock for kids by our pediatrician is SPF30.

I remember the last time we went to the beach with my sister’s family. My niece was exposed too long to the sun and no sunblock was reapplied.

Her skin was so dark. I feel like it is sunburned and can get prickly the next day. So I applied Argan oil on her face and entire body.  Guess what? She didn’t complain of any discomfort the next day.

With my infant now, I don’t put sunblock on him so instead I apply argan oil after a quick swim.  Besides, we only take him swimming for like 10 minutes.

Talking about protection, I have another item you must bring to protect your kids!


5. Rash guard

These are just my favorite that I had our family’s rash guards and leggings custom made. Woot!Woot!

Long-sleeves rash guards and leggings will help protect your skin from too much sun exposure. Sun exposure between 10am to 2pm is not as healthy as it is considered peak UV radiation hours.  Simply put, prolonged and over exposure to sunlight can do more harm than good.  We try to keep our kids from swimming during these times and limit sun exposure.

It’s best to have rash guards and leggings on kids to keep them well protected.  As we all know, when we are on the beach, kids (and adults too) can have too much fun that reapplication of sunblock is usually no longer happening.

It’s either we forget as we are enjoying too much, or our kids simply doesn’t want to get out of the pool. Apart from that, there’s a certain season where there’s quite a number of jellyfish which can cause some stinging sensation on skin. Rash guards and leggings can be your best option.


6. Aqua shoes

Aqua shoes on the other hand can help keep your kids from slipping.  Common areas can be slippery especially when walking barefoot.  Also, not all beaches have fine white sand so getting foot sores can be expected especially when swimming on the beach.

I too enjoy wearing it and walking on rocky beaches is no longer a concern.  Walking on wet areas while carrying an infant and holding a toddler can be alarming so a little precautionary measure can work wonders.

If you do have a toddler who’s below 4 years old or haven’t got any swimming lessons yet, here’s another must have item for you to bring —


7. Floaties

Oh yes! This makes their swim time more fun. Apart from a psychological feeling of safety, they learn to gain confidence swimming on their own and get their feet kicking in the waters.

I still strongly recommend though that you watch your kids closely whenever in the water as anything can go wrong in almost an instant.


Never be complacent. Be watchful and vigilant. Their safety is always our number one concern.


And the best way to recap your vacation is to have a massage.  Oooh lala! I usually have mine the night before we leave.

What’s nice about Palm Beach is I can get to request the service for just Php300 pesos. From what I learned, only P50 pesos goes to the resort and the rest to the massage therapist.  Some other resorts charge a lot.

With our frequent visits, I already have my own favorite. Her name is Lorena and she’s really good. Do request for her when you visit.

With a little chitchat from her I learned that massage therapists in Laiya are from Golden Touch Cooperative. I think they started around 2003 and now there are about 50 therapists servicing beach resorts in Laiya, Batangas.

They were all trained by a DOH licensed massage therapist which were sponsored by La Luz Beach Resort.

This initiative has greatly helped Laiya women community. Through this, many of them were able to send their children to College. Some of them are already seamen and teachers. What an amazing backstory to know.

Well mamas, hope you find these tips insightful for your next beach destination. Having kids when going to the beach is both fun and challenging.  It pays to keep a little Kids in Beach Checklist so you won’t miss a thing.

I will share more travel tips in my next blogs so watch out for it.


What are your must haves? Share your story and comment below. There’s nothing fun like mom to mom sharing!



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