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What Makes a Dream Worthwhile

Dreams reflect a fulfillment of purpose.  It is more than acquiring an asset or a property. It is more than having a piece of priced jewelry, equipment or vehicle.


Sometimes a dream is a legacy you want to leave when you are gone.  Sometimes it is intangible, like an inspiration to be better or live better.

Sometimes a dream is a contribution you want to make in a society or to make something matter.

Sometimes a dream is to give courage and strength.  And there are times a dream is to fulfill someone else’s.

Dream with purpose and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Whatever your situation in life may be, just continue to dream.  

It helps us move on, start anew or continue to live a more meaningful one.

Dreams are an amazing propeller of hope and like a beacon of light it guides us on what we are meant to be.

Find your purpose.  Dream what you want to become or where you want to be.

Dreams are for free but its fulfillment is of tremendous value not just to you but to others whom you share it with.

While dreams often start with ourselves, open up and dream with the people you love and care.  

Dreams are best when shared.  Helping each other to achieve one’s dreams is like a purpose fulfilled in itself.

Traveling to places is a wonderful dream.

What makes it more meaningful is dreaming to experience a new adventure with a loved one, or to explore a different culture with your family, or to discover life at the other side of the world.

To have a beautiful house is also a nice dream but you know what makes it nicer?

To have a happy home where you and your spouse grows old together, or see your kids sheltered from harm or to be able to give shelter to your old parents or perhaps to give an orphan a home.

Dig deeper and you’ll find that there’s more to what meets the eyes.

Search a little further and you’ll discover the intangible value of your dreams.


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