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3 Reminders Every Mom Needs for an Awesome 2018

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The idea of a new year isn’t all about resolutions. It’s about embracing who we are and where we are right now in our lives and to be in a continuous stir to keep it interesting.

There are times when joy could just zap out of our days due to all the things we try to accomplish. And so this 2018 let me share these 3 reminders to help us soar through our days and just enjoy the journey. (more…)

I help real moms and women, with interests that extend beyond her nurturing, care taking role, explore amazing ideas and possibilities to express and gain her own personal identity — and deal effectively with her multidimensional life.

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What nobody told you about mompreneurship

When we think of mompreneurship, we remember the countless stories of mothers who have successfully built their businesses while raising a family. What we don't know were the toughest decisions they had to make at one point of their lives. Allow me to share mine which came a bit early.…

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