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Tips to Handle Business Hurdles

Ever watched the movie, “Hidden Figures”? It is such an inspiring film that tackles barriers of space, gender and race. It is a story of empowerment. It’s insightful and interesting how it can also relate to business.

There are several blocks that can be limiting to any entrepreneur from starting to even closing a business. And the big question is —

How do we deal with it? 


Different phases of the business present different challenges. Like when starting a business, the number one barrier is oftentimes ourselves for fear of failure, for doubting if we are capable enough, for lacking the needed resources and so on.  If you feel like something’s stopping you from starting a business, here’s something to help you have a brave start.

When our business is starting to pick up common barriers become lack of manpower, limited supply, deteriorating quality, just to name a few. Then as the business expands, new challenges surface like additional business requirements, keeping up with the market, accepting change and more. And of course, the stigma of closing a business and all the financial aspects of it.

Know what makes all these more agitating? The uncanny timing when these barriers erupt. It can sometimes mingle and intertwine with our personal lives like marital strife, problems with kids, family emergencies and the likes. Then our problems become more internal as we are oftentimes stuck in this emotional turmoil.

I have been through in such struggles. When ordeals erupt in our business or personal lives, we do have a choice. We can either get immersed with it and linger for long, or get out of resisting it and accept the situation as it is. When you choose the latter, only then can you free yourself from all the fears and just be present in the moment to be able to see things more clearly.

Taking a hint from the movie, when the livelihood of Dorothy and the rest of her team was threatened with the IBM computer that would soon replace their jobs, she took matters into her own hands and taught herself and her team the language of programming.

How about you? How would you adapt to changes in your business? Would you wallow in the sand and focus purely on what you’ve been used to doing? Or will you develop a strategy to help you overcome the changing business environment?

Keep your eyes open to trends and developments that may affect your business. Make yourself aware of any possible threats. Have your eyes open and be alert to changes going on around you. Be brave and embrace the change.

I remember Dorothy’s struggle in learning programming with limited access to the library designated as the “white section”. As an African-American woman in a segregated America you could just imagine every possible opposition she faced. But she took that threat and turned it into an opportunity.

Situations can be uncomfortable, I agree but you have to learn to accept it as your current reality so you may be able to assess your optimum approach.

Remember that change is inevitable. You must be able to learn to let go of the things that doesn’t work so you can focus your concentration on what does. Some obstacles we face may even just be the result of our ingrained habits.

The best entrepreneurs are great problem solvers. They take challenges on a more objective level rather than address it in an emotional state.


Are you struggling to start a business with all the challenges that you foresee?  Here’s a tip on how to have the superior startup for your business.

What business or even personal barriers are you facing right now? How do you deal with it? Love to hear from you.



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