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How to Make a Bumblebee Giveaway Bag

It’s your child’s first birthday party. You had the perfect theme in mind. You started planning, and making a checklist. Then the awesome part, buying giveaways and prizes! 😀 Almost done but you couldn’t find a giveaway bag for that theme party. Ever had this experience? Or am I just too into the nitty-gritty?

I remembered my daughter turning one. It was an exciting experience for me. I wanted to have a bumblebee themed party for her first birthday. The venue, food, fun activities and theme decor were all taken care of through trusted suppliers. But as OC as a mom gets, I wanted to do some stuff on my own. So I decided to take care of the prizes and giveaways myself.

I called up my friend Ai and asked her if she could accompany me. And the date was set. I was up early and ready to seize the day. So off we go!

We went to the biggest party supplies in town for all the possible themes you can find. We started cruising through each and every store. A few hours passed and I only had a few items on my shopping bag. My friend finally blurted out an intriguing question – “Sino ba nagisip nitong theme na ito?” (Whoever thought of this theme in the first place?) Yup, I could feel the frustration. Haha! And I proudly said “Ako! Kaya wag ka na magreklamo dyan” ( Me! So don’t complain) and gave it a laugh. Then we looked a little bit longer.

Finally, I already had enough for the prizes and giveaways. But a minor thing is missing…a bumblebee themed giveaway bag! We searched some more until really exhausted and gave up. I went home a little sad ’cause I didn’t get all that I need.

Still wanting to give it a try, I searched online to find a supplier. Unfortunately, there was none at that time. So I said, “Why not make it on my own?”
I surfed some more and finally got an idea that’s simple to make. Tadaaa!

Here’s what I did –
1. Bought a plain yellow paper bag. Just the right size to fit the giveaways.
2. Used a nice, black electrical tape for the horizontal lines and cut to the right width.
3. Found 3D stickers that looked like bumblebee at an office/school supplies. Paste and done! You may also search for adorable bumblebee pics and print it on a sticker paper. Cut and paste.  For a 3D effect, use double-sided tape with foam.
That’s it!

We had a fun and memorable party. What I’ve learned from all these? If you don’t want all that trouble, choose a theme with abundant party supplies!

So on her third birthday I chose a Disney theme. Now that’s a lot of choices and boy, supplies were everywhere!

How do you find this simple hack? Have you had one yourself? Love to hear from you! Feel free to write a comment.

Until our next mama hack! Cheers to all the enterprising mamas!


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