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How I Started Blogging

It’s been a while since I had the urge to start a blog but had a lot of reservations due to the time and effort it may require. For some time I just cruised through the internet finding answers to my thoughts.  

Until finally one night, while my baby was asleep and my husband was away, I created this blog.  

Hoping someone, somewhere in the vastness of space, where more than one universe could even possibly exist as our cosmic vision is limited by the speed of light (huh?!), will find inspiration from this.  Well, as long as that part of the universe has internet connection!

And so this journey begins.  

I see writing as an expression of deeper thoughts in an attempt to shed some light, pour out an emotion or share an experience. Click To Tweet

It is that remarkable moment when all your senses are at its peak and you just can’t simply stop thinking about it until you write it on something.

It helps us discover meaning to life and help others find it. It is so powerful that words harmoniously blended together can spark another.

I have been writing since my teenage years in school publications, in my private notebooks, then in my smartphone, on sticky notes, in laptops, and in our business Facebook pages and blogs.

I guess I had it in me.  

I have occasionally shared some of my stimulating thoughts over on Facebook but this is the first time I’ll be writing on my personal blog, sharing my own views, learnings and experiences.

I am a proud mama but became an entrepreneur first.  So you could already probably guess why I had some reservations with the time and work required.  

Then came a new advocacy on eco-lifestyle that is currently taking some of my attention. But then again, when that moment strikes, the urge to write is inevitable.

I am not a renowned author of any book (or e-book) but I hope this passion draws me closer to it.

I am a serial (sounds fatal, eh?) entrepreneur with 5 business startup failures, one profitable business closed due to operational conditions, one existing business almost getting through its first five crucial years (with an award on the side), and about to embark on a new advocacy. 

Above all –

I am a mother who continue to learn throughout its journey and find the greatest fulfillment from it all. Click To Tweet

This is where all my inspiration comes from.  Life gives us opportunities to learn. Experience gives us the strength, wisdom and courage.  I am about to turn Forty so I say it’s about time.

Everybody needs a little inspiration to start something new, build something big or realize something important.

Hope my blog can help you find that inspiration in you.

Feel free to share your own experiences, learnings and views by writing a comment. Hope together we all learn from each other and be inspired to be better. Cheers!

written on 08 March 2016


What made you start your own blog?




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  1. I would love to read more of your pieces. Your choice of words proves that you are a naturally gifted writer 🙂 Looking forward to get the inspiration that I need from this blog. Cheers!

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