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3 Awesome Tips to Inspire Moms

The idea of a new year isn’t all about resolutions. It’s about embracing who we are and where we are right now in our lives and to be in a continuous stir to keep it interesting.

There are times when joy could just zap out of our days due to all the things we try to accomplish. Let me share these 3 awesome tips to help us soar through our days and just enjoy the journey.

1. Gratitude

Be thankful for the abundant blessings of the past year no matter how small they may seem. As challenging last year may have been, remember these blessings were your encouragement. I keep this as a reminder to myself as well.

Continue to embrace the power of giving thanks this new year.

Practice gratitude and reflect on your days, weeks and months. Be it in a gratitude journal, jar or prayer what matters is to keep a grateful heart.

2. Vigor.

You have a vital role in your family’s life. Care for yourself like you do with your kids. Manage your energy and take care of your health. This is your greatest ally in motherhood. And so what does my husband keep on reminding me.

Don’t stress out if you see other mothers seem to be accomplishing more. Embrace the unique life you have at this age and stage of motherhood and bring more vigor to your year.

Reevaluate your commitments. Reassess your priorities. Let go of those which aren’t the best fit for your life right now so you’ll have more free time for your family and yourself. We all need some time to relax and renew our body.

3. Happiness.

Start each day with a positive and exciting thought and find happiness even from the little things. ‎Integrate more of what makes you happy into your daily life and make changes on the things that make you unhappy. That’s why I constantly remind myself that happiness is a choice.

Realize though that there will still be feelings of frustration, tiredness, irritability and all. I think acceptance that this is all part of motherhood will somehow help us get back up and be our happier selves.

This 2019 continue to value what you do and find ways to make things more enjoyable. Set goals and dreams that align with who you really are that will give meaning to your life.

Here’s to another amazing motherhood this year! Cheers awesome mamas!

What have you kept reminding yourself? Have you practiced anything from the past to make each year a better one? Share your own insights and encourage other mamas to inspire universes by writing a comment.

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