6 Juggling Truths about Business and Motherhood


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I have read a lot of stories on the seemingly glamorous life of mompreneurs – how they have handled gracefully both motherhood and business. I can say, I bet it all started as a mess. Stress and challenges are part of it all and it takes a while to get yourself to handle it more graciously (if ever that happens!) Different mompreneurs started at different age and stage of motherhood. Challenges may be slightly different but I think the truths will all be the same. Let me share these hard truths I have come to realize in the process: (more…)

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How to make a bumblebee giveaway bag

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It’s your child’s first birthday party. You had the perfect theme in mind. You started planning, and making a checklist. Then the awesome part, buying giveaways and prizes! 😀 Almost done but you couldn’t find a giveaway bag for that theme party. Ever had this experience? Or am I just too into the nitty-gritty? (more…)

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3 Reminders Every Mom Needs for an Awesome 2018

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The idea of a new year isn’t all about resolutions. It’s about embracing who we are and where we are right now in our lives and to be in a continuous stir to keep it interesting.

There are times when joy could just zap out of our days due to all the things we try to accomplish. And so this 2018 let me share these 3 reminders to help us soar through our days and just enjoy the journey. (more…)

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What nobody told you about mompreneurship

When we think of mompreneurship, we remember the countless stories of mothers who have successfully built their businesses while raising a family. What we don't know were the toughest decisions they had to make at one point of their lives. Allow me to share mine which came a bit early.…

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When times get rough


Have you ever had that moment when you just want to finally give up? When all the years of hardships, struggles, time and effort seem to no longer matter? When all you wanted is to just stop and thought maybe it’s not really meant to happen?  I did.  Not just one moment but several times!  I feel that I’ve done everything and yet nothing seem to prosper.  I thought maybe this really isn’t for me. (more…)

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Dream with Purpose

Dreams reflect a fulfillment of purpose.  It is more than acquiring an asset or a property. It is more than having a piece of priced jewelry, equipment or vehicle. Sometimes a dream is a legacy you want to leave when you are gone.  Sometimes it is intangible, like an inspiration to…

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