How to Live Rural in an Urban Life

  Do you want to get rural in an urban life?  Have you ever been thinking how to get the best of nature and live a healthier urban lifestyle?   Well I have. Me and my husband does. I guess it's a pursuit we have while we momentarily have to…

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7 Must-Haves in My Kids in Beach Checklist

  My Kids in Beach 7 Key Items Checklist have been a handy reminder in any of our family beach vacation. There's nothing like Vitamin Sea! Going to the beach with our kids every once in a while is our favorite family trip. And we just had one recently! I'm going…

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How to Deal with Business Barriers?

  Ever watched the movie, "Hidden Figures"? It is such an inspiring film that tackles barriers of space, gender and race. It is a story of empowerment. It's insightful and interesting how it can also relate to business. There are several blocks that can be limiting to any entrepreneur from…

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How to Shift Seamlessly to Being Your Own Boss

  Want to get out of the rat race? Need to be more with your kids? Like the flexibility and freedom of being your own boss? Love these thoughts? I do.  It's been five years since I become my own boss (full-time). But I started plodding the path 10 years…

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My Personal Tips on How to Optimize Your Days

Optimize Days.png

Hello mamas!

I’m sure you’ve worked out your own planning ways to handle mommy duties and your business must’s. It’s indeed tough with a lot of to-do’s on both sides. At times even overwhelming just looking at what you want to accomplish in a day. And you know what? No matter how much of the to-do lists I have checked, I still feel short of what I could have done for the day. Have you felt the same way? (more…)

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Why a Home Business will give you the Superior Startup

Superior Startup.png

It’s 2 hours  past your shift and you’re  still stuck in the office finishing a report,  meeting a deadline or addressing an operational issue.  You’re exhausted.  You’re  spending less and less time with your family. Or yes, you’re mostly at home with your family and as much as you enjoy taking care of your kids, you want to accomplish more. (more…)

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