Have you had that moment when you got an idea and wanted to start a business?  Or that horrible day at work when you feel like you’ve had it and wanted to start something on your own? Or perhaps a conversation with a friend who made it big in the business world that inspired you to think of taking the big leap as well?  Then after these constant thoughts of starting your very own lucrative and visionary business rumbling through your head, a sweet adrenaline rush swiftly boosts your seemingly lost energy  and you began to explore more… You started to search google to find some legitimate guide, browsed through business books or even had a chat with a friend who might be able to share an experience, a perspective or a piece of advice. For days, weeks or even months you have been exploring and planning to start this business then Whaam! It just vanished into thin air. Pffft!  Your enthusiasm slowly died down and the eagerness started to fade.  Best bet, you might have even done nothing to advance that idea. Then you decided to get back to that old self and do what you have been doing since.

What’s stopping you?

Possibilities are while you were studying your idea you have learned the various phases of starting the business, the resources you’ll gonna need, the talent and skills it required and more.  In short, you have discovered all the challenges you have to face and all the stress it will cause to make it happen. And after all these, what if it fails? Followed  by more what if’s. Then along the way you forgot the very reason why you considered the change. There is only one possible stimulus that have caused you to shift – not forward but back.  It is that induced perception of danger or threat which we all call FEAR.  The sucker of hopes and dreams. While fear is a natural response to an unfamiliar path, realize that regret can also be such an unpleasant state.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”When what if’s become a stumbling block, try building your why not’s to get through that chunk. ~ Raz” quote=”When what if’s become a stumbling block, try building your why not’s to get through that chunk. ~ Raz”]

Passion drives most entrepreneurs.  The quest for deeper purpose and meaning compelled them to make that brave start.  But then, not everyone discovered their profound mission right at the beginning. Some realized it in the process of transition. Others made a change. Being an entrepreneur requires moving to a new state of mind where challenges become part of your natural mindset. It is a process you go through. Even successful entrepreneurs continue to face challenges and experience failures along the way.  Life and business is a continuous improvement.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Great entrepreneurs are great problem solvers.” quote=”Hence, great entrepreneurs are great problem solvers.”]

Failure is not the opposite of success.  It is the reason for success.  It is not  that they (the great and successful entrepreneurs) did not experience failure.  It is because they have managed those failures and learned to use it to their advantage.  Challenges are inevitable in all walks of life.  Business is not an exception. Would you rather sort out a problem for someone else’s than your own?  Would you rather spend more time (over) to build a business for others than yourself?  Fear is an ever present reaction.  It is human nature.  Fear of failure however is a private emotion triggered by varying reasons depending on an individual. It could be self-doubt, feeling of incompetence or inadequacy. It can also be because you are no longer willing to experience another failure due to another fear – the fear of shame.

Starting a business whether franchised or not, corporate or sole, taken over or new, entails risk (calculated or not). There is no certainty in this world – not your relationships, not your future and not even your life.  We don’t even know if tomorrow’s gonna come.  My point is…Risk is everywhere and so are challenges. Take it one at a time.  Before you know it, you’re already there.  Then if we are lucky to live long enough, we’ll see our business through.

Making the first step to a brave start –  This is the initial challenge most people dread about.  But truly you shouldn’t.  It is an enriching experience I tell you. Overwhelming at first but encouraging next.  The excitement of a new journey and the treasure of knowledge awaits.

Fear causes us to stop thinking. When you start to feel that you are in a limited pool of options, this is when you explore more options.  Resourcefulness is a vital ability of an entrepreneur.  Scarcity drives resourcefulness. In my coming blogs I will be sharing my personal Optimin Principle that have helped me combat challenges with limited resources and lessons learned to make that lean startup.

Stop making excuses.  Start finding solutions.  The only person standing in your way is yourself (cliche’ as it may seem).  It is not the people telling you that you can’t make it or you’re not good enough.  It is not the bad business experiences you’ve had.

What’s stopping you? is you.

Failures are the most precious gems.  It cannot be bought nor given.  It is mined only from experience, molded into character, and polished by passion.  Failures are our greatest lessons in life and in business.  Don’t be afraid to start building your business book of failures.  This is the kind you can’t learn in school.  Real wealth is not the money gained.  It will soon be spent, and may even lose its value when the rules of trading change.  Real wealth is the wisdom you have acquired throughout the experience that will always have the greatest value. It will always be available to you and it is limitless.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”If you’ve failed that means you’re doing something. If you’re doing something, you have a chance. ~ Robert Kiyosaki” quote=”If you’ve failed that means you’re doing something. If you’re doing something, you have a chance. ~ Robert Kiyosaki”]




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