Have you ever had that moment when you just want to finally give up? When all the years of hardships, struggles, time and effort seem to no longer matter? When all you wanted is to just stop and thought maybe it’s not really meant to happen?  I did.  Not just one moment but several times!  I feel that I’ve done everything and yet nothing seem to prosper.  I thought maybe this really isn’t for me.

I used to work in a multinational company where I discovered that there’s a job that I love doing and hoped I have learned it earlier in my career. And not because I love my job it doesn’t mean I didn’t have any challenges.  I do. I always do. But I found fulfillment in it.  I was already doing business on the side.  Until one day, I just felt that I had enough of my time dedicated to other companies and wanted to start on my own.  It was the same time, when I was also about to settle down.  So things seem to come into place and so I tendered that precious resignation and too excited walking through that next chapter of my life.  I smelled freedom!

And so it happened.  But it was not all what I dreamt it would be.  We had a high turnover rate, sales are not picking up, funds are diminishing and my family demands much of my time especially our little one.  No restful nights, stress building up, temper getting shorter,  in short… I was disheartened.

It’s not easy running a business.  There are various aspects you have to look into – people, financials, operations, marketing, strategies, policies and more.  If you have funds, you can outsource some of these so you can free up some of your time.  But if you don’t, you have to do it yourself and find people who can help you with it with little or no cost. Working on a budget, I have to find ways to take care of all these with the help of family and some friends. You even have to balance time with business and family.  It’s a constant struggle.  And there comes a time when you just feel exhausted and not seeing the results you wanted.

So if you had experience the same, you’re not alone.  Most if not everybody on business gets through these challenges but not everybody gets to where they wanted… because they have quit early in the fight to see the opportunity coming.

When times get rough, behold!  Don’t focus on the challenge.  Focus on the solution to that challenge. Great businessmen are great problem solvers.  They are able to find solutions and options and at times they even find opportunity in it.

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I help real moms and women, with interests that extend beyond her nurturing, care taking role, explore amazing ideas and possibilities to express and gain her own personal identity — and deal effectively with her multidimensional life.

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