Quotes of a Real Mom

Mom Quotes is a segment I have intentionally created in order to give inspiration and a little boost for all mothers of the universes.

Motherhood is a life changing event that can turn our life’s journey into a whole new direction.

Because of that, you will find quotes I have created to remind myself of my own realizations as a mother.  You may also find quotes I have read from others that inspire me in this life-long, purposeful mom expedition.

These have certainly been a great channel to share my thoughts and emotions whenever I experience the highs and lows of motherhood.

To your inspiration!


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Mom Quotes Your family is your business

Your family is your business.
— Raz Tumpalan




Mom Quotes Just find you

Don’t find a reason to be happy. Just find YOU.
— Raz Tumpalan



Mom Quotes Inspiration is not given

Inspiration is not given. It is sought.
— Raz Tumpalan



Mom Quotes I owe to mymother

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother



Mom Quotes Imperfections

To be happy with the person you truly are, you must embrace all your IMPERFECTIONS.
— Raz Tumpalan



Mom Quotes Be the best version of you

You don’t have to be the best Mom. Just be the best version of you.
— Raz Tumpalan


Mom Quotes Love Yourself

Love yourself. Today and always. — Raz Tumpalan




Mom Quotes You can's use up creativity

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.



Mom Quotes Celebrate Milestone

Celebrate each milestone of your life. — Raz Tumpalan



Mom Quotes This is the beautiful you

Bring the positive energy with you and let it reflect on the people around you. This is the beautiful you. — Oil of Me



Mom Quotes Brave Step

Everything starts with that little brave step. — Raz Tumpalan



Mom Quotes Go where you haven't been

To be where you want to be, you must go where you haven’t been. — Raz Tumpalan