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Hello everyone and welcome! Thanks for hanging around.
Inspire Universes is an inspirational blog for moms and women aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start a business but having doubts, fears and challenges. I help provide the encouragement and pave the way for a brave start.
Who’s behind this blog?

Hi, I’m Raz! I am a proud mama, a passionate entrepreneur and a writer by heart.

MY PASSION FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP was nurtured since I was young as influenced by my own mom.

I took my Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy thinking it would be good for my finances and it sure does help me a lot with the numbers.

I have my Master’s degree in Business Administration which gave me additional insights into entrepreneurship.

I have also been a Continuous Improvement Specialist in a multinational company where I did trainings, coaching and process improvement implementation. My learnings on lean sigma methodology is a practical tool in my business startups and operations.

Having an accounting background and an MBA degree won’t guarantee success, but it sure was helpful in my journey to entrepreneurship. 

Through the years, I have ventured into various businesses from multilevel marketing, to retail and wholesale, from fashion to spa, aromatherapy and skin care, from bazaars and online to brick and mortar.

All these acquired knowledge and experiences have been instrumental in my quest for business. From it all, experience has been my greatest teacher.

I don’t claim to be an expert in business.  I simply have a great passion for it and it has been a continuous source of wisdom.  I only share lessons and insights from my personal experiences so you and other starting entrepreneurs may also learn from it or maybe find something of value that will help you have a better and braver start.

I realized from all my ventures that a home-based business is a more practical approach in any, if not most, startup businesses. I have shared in this post why a home business will give you the superior startup that you need.

If you want to learn more on how to start a business cautiously and other business tips, keep an eye on my posts here.


MY MOTHERHOOD JOURNEY may not be that much different from you but it does bring a lot of inspiration and challenges too. It has changed my points of view, realized what to value and just hit me to the core. I write inspirational posts on my journey from tips and tricks to personal insights and views. I also share creative mom tool kits anyone can use. And you, awesome mama, will find it all here.

I am not a perfect nor an ideal mom.  I don’t intend to represent myself as one.  I only strive to continuously be a better version of me.  My inspiration comes from my everyday dealings, how I see things from my own perspective and the amazing surprises I learn from each unanticipated moment of my life.

WRITING IS MY CREATIVE OUTLET. It helps open up my inner thoughts and what’s in my heart.   This is my blogging story.

AS A MOMPRENEUR, it gives me the flexibility and freedom to take care of my family, pursue my advocacies and find personal fulfillment.

Mompreneurship gives me the opportunities to learn and earn. It has its triumphs, setbacks and challenges but I won’t have it any other way.

I hope to share an inspiration to help moms and women aspiring entrepreneurs, more than just start a business — but to start something new, create something of value or realize something important.

 You can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I try to respond on every comment that I get to develop amity with my readers.

Collaboration is the best strategy in doing business rather than competition.Click To Tweet

Are you ready to join me in this journey? Have a brave start, learn from each failure and little successes of starting a business, overcoming challenges or simply finding an inspiration to live better and be better.   


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